“Tales of Woe is a collection of twenty-five of the most disturbing, bizarre, fucked-up and twisted tales you might ever read, and the catch? They’re all true. Yes, Virginia, truth is stranger than fiction. I’ll take some fava beans and a bottle of chianti over this trip any day. (But I’m glad I took the red pill.)

John Reed delivers these stories with a pointed and punctuated sense of delivery that reads as if it were William Burroughs delivering the 6 pm news. Factual. Concise. Pithy. Bothersome. Really, really bothersome.”  —Marc Patterson, Brutal as Hell

“So twisted and perverse, and so TRUE that even the editor of a horror blog walks away feeling a little sickened. ... Tales of Woe is nearly two hundred pages of strange and twisted tragedy without even the slightest inclination to serve up a single happy ending. It’s a sickening look at the horrors of real life from around the globe, and while I’m hesitant to recommend it, I have a feeling I pretty much just have.”  —Marc Patterson, Brutal as Hell